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Welcome to Oliver's food.


I am a personal chef working on board a luxury yacht which gives me a unique opportunity to travel and use some of the best ingredients in the world to deliver a high standard food to the owner and their guests.

With this site I am aiming to put down what I have learnt and what I am still learning, please browse my recipes and feel free to ask questions.....blog posts here will range from basic cooking techniques and classic recipes to some modern molecular cuisine recipes and places I visit whilst travelling.

 We never stop learning in this industry....constantly developing and experimenting. 

Recipe blog


I started cooking full time at the age of 15 in the City of Bath....the mid eighties, it was an exciting time, a time when the industry was evolving with the likes of the Roux brothers, Marco Pierre White and Gordon Ramsey pushing boundaries at the start of their career. I was fortunate enough to be working in the Roux brothers group in London and the time spent there set the foundations and skills to see me through my chef life. From there to the opening of The Lanesbourgh Hotel on Hyde park corner....50 chefs all working flat out putting out the inspirational ideas of Paul Gaylor. It was a crazy time but great fun too, learning all the time from some amazing chefs like Chris Galvin and Andy Bunn, it's from them that I learnt the most and still respect them immensely for what they did and are still doing.

A lot of what I do now relies on the use of the best ingredients for maximum flavor letting the raw ingredients speak for themselves.



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